This is the End...

I'm sorry. At this point, I just have no time to do the blog. I wish I could, but for know this blog is going on a permanent hiatus. There is a chance, that one day I will continue. I'll start commenting back on your blog to let you know.
This first started out as a little something that I did for fun, and only expected my friends to read, but then more people started to read it, and I continued for a while. So thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and leave comments, and link me.


Musaak Minute - Rachel Ferguson

I'd like to say that one day when this young lady becomes famous, that I may have had something to do with it. I got to meet Rachel Ferguson the other day when I was shopping, she's really cool and has fabulous style. This pop/rock/powerpop singer/songwriter has a new song out called 'Joshua', and if you live in any of the places listed below I definitely encourage you to call in the radio station and request her song.

If you wanna check out more of Rachel's music, and get to know her, check out her MySpace


At Least 15spf...

Brad Pitt. I've never taken any interest in him until lately. He's quite the stylish bloke isn't he? I'm digging this new found slickmeister look of his. He's what they say, a Filf. (milf-->filf, why not?) So all men, take note. (pic, courtesy of Perez Hilton) So if you are heavy in the wallet, I definitely encourage to go into Hugo Boss, and get a fabulous suit and some of those fabulous sunglasses. Reasonably though, I'm sure you can find something cheaper and similar at an affordable store. (I always get intimidated when I walk into Hugo Boss, it's like they can tell I bought my shirt on sale)

Oh, and it's getting hot outside and the UV is high. So be safe and protect your skin.


Women Have Needs

They're everywhere. Remember from the Marc Jacobs spring 2007 collection the reoccurring themes of huge rhinestones on accessories and clothing. Well because they were so obviously fabulous, stores have adapted their own style of it. Whether it's a handbag or a pair of shorts. But I have to get a bag/or head wear of some kind soon, LIKE NOW. They're much too fabulous to pass up, and a model in my fashion show got one to wear in to, so I think I may get.

(a mix of pictures from. The Bag Lady)


Must Be The Hormones pt.2

rawr!.... that's all I have to say

(mariel, you know EXACTLY who this reminds me of. It's the hair. rawr.)


Musaak Videos Of The Week- Talib Kweli

From his upcoming summer release (July 24th) , Eardrum is expected to be critically praised. Here are his two first singles from the album:


More or Less


I Can See Clearly Now

I was browsing style.com today and noticed that Style Hunter had one a little special on fashionable nerd like glasses. Though I don't need any aid for my vision, I've always enjoyed glasses, sunglasses or glasses that help you vision ability (even if I don't need them) I am attracted to glasses that make a statement, and are not discreet. I want them to be big, fun, and noticeable. I only have one pair of sunglasses right now, and I do want get my hands on another pair shortly, along with all the other things on my 'NEED to get!' list. Here are few specs that have caught my attention.

I love these pair of Marc Jacobs ones. They're white, bold, and thick. Quite fabulous indeed.
These Tommy Helfiger ones are just quite the statement, if I do say so myself. Although you don't get a close up of the glasses, you get the idea.Lately I've been having a nack with stuff with some bling or rhinestones on them. Maybe it's my inner little girl, or maybe I'm like a bird attracted to stuff that are shinny. But these Fendi sunglasses have really caught my attention.
She's just so precious ain't she? Kate Young is one of best persons I've seen pulling off these thick black rimmed glasses. Fabulous aren't they?

Once again, you don't really get to see the glasses close up. But you can get the idea. I like how they're round, black and simple. But with the contrast in the outfit, and their size. They are definitely the focal point of the outfit.

These Prada glasses strongly resemble those to one my friends. She recently got them, and she looks great with them. I like how they're simple, but it's not like their trying to hide the fact that they have glasses by having no frame or a thin one. It's a bold frame, and it's a proud frame. haha.


Hottie Nots

I received an email today with an new product called 'hottiedots' This model called Miki Lamese use to always draw little moles on her face or body. But NOW she has created the tackiest thing since AE graphic tees....drum roll please...... a stick on moll that you stick on to any part of your body, and simply remove it when you choose to. I simply find the whole concept of this product funny and pathetic. I mean think about it, you're going to have a fake mole(beauty mark if you will) on you that's going to look shiny. And what happens when it starts to come off? It would be quite amusing to see. The way I see it, if you really really want a mole somewhere, just get one tattooed.
What do you guys think? Fabulous or Fugly?


Musaak Videos Of The Week - Feist Baby

God Feist is so cool, and I love her, and its so fantastic that Feist is finally coming out with a new album. Her highly anticipated album called "The Reminder" is being released May 1st. It has been a dreadful three years since her album "Let it Die" was released, and a year since her remix album "Open Season."
Her two fantastic singles which I find myself dancing in the hallways at school when I'm alone, is 'My Moon, my Man' and '1 2 3 4'. Enjoy.

1 2 3 4

My Moon, My Man


Bolder, Brighter, Beautiful

I know you've missed me and I'm sorry for the lack of posting, a mix of being too busy with school & the fashion show, and slight laziness, is the cause. But now that I'm in the library at school, I'm suppose to be working on my project, but I've decided to squeeze in some time to post.
Anyways onto fashion, I'm really into bold, bright prints right now. They're quite fabulous and fun, and you always stand out in a crowd. Hopefully you like these pieces that I've simply been oozing over, and you can ooze over them too.

Tommy Bahama One Piece French Connection Dress
Nicole Miller Mixed Print Dress Couleur de Rose Babydoll Tunic
Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim Print Dress