Do's And Don'ts

Hi. The following items will be ones of liking and dislikes. The comments are also what I think, and based solely on my opinion, so don't be offended. If you have any questions, or problems, just post a comment.

Do: Plaid

A common style amongst the fashionistas of the world. Plaid is preferable because it has taste, and it will always be a classic style. Whether you wear the pattern on your scarf, shirt, or shoes, it looks great. A common designer which uses plaid and is shown in the image, is Burberry.

Don't: Army

Personally, I have never found any style as revolting as army. The person responsible for this trend needs to be banned from any further fashion trends and sent off to the army. What's next, army braces elastics, uughh. Anyways, everything about it is wrong, so like don't wear it. Trust me your IQ drops 5 points every time you do.

Don't : Stupid Labelled Shirts

You know how they're these little things in life that get to you, well shirts like this do to me. As you can see, in the picture to your right, you will see the horrendous Paris Hilton wearing her trademark phrase on her shirt, " THAT'S HOT!". (I think I just threw up a little, those two words and her will do that to me) This shirt really puts the shit in shirt. Other things like: Diva, Viva Glam, Gangsta, Daddy's Little Girl, Angel, Princess, My boyfriend isn't here so you can kiss me, etc... If you're going to wear a shirt like that, it might as well say LOSER! (that was kind of harsh, but seriously)


Shoes. What a delightful topic. I love shoes. There are so many styles out there that are absolutely fantastic, and also incredible disgusting.

Don't: Furry Boot

Where do I begin. The furry boot is right next to army on my list. There are so many things that are wrong about it, its hard to know where to begin. Just think of it this way, when you wear these boots, it looks like you ran over them this morning, and decided to attach it to your feet and call it a shoe. So yeah, ewww.

Do : Flats

Ah yes, flat. A girls gotta love 'em. Its more comfy than a running shoe, and more stylish. The neat thing about flats, is that it goes well with everything, from a skirt, jeans, or a pretty dress. Also its hard to go wrong with them, there's not many that bother me (unless there furry or army, ha ha) They're is also in a variety of colours to choose from, and styles.

Do : Nice Heel/Pump/Wedge

Marc Jacobs, ***sigh. These are great shoes. Although they are much too expensive, they make a good goal. Its the perfect difinition of a good shoe, its stylish and classy. So next time you need some heels or whatever, try out something like this.

Don't : Gangster Skate Shoes

If you look to your left, you will see a pair of Phat Farm shoes, these go perfect with army, and a 50 Cent rap song. I know sometimes that these shoes are great for confort, but I mean you have so many options. I mean I don't have problems with skate shoes if they're tasteful, and nice, or on a guy, but sometimes you can go wrong. The picture, case and point. I mean if you'd pair up this up with your latest furry jacket and army pants, I would have to come after you.

Do: Nice Running Shoe/Casual Shoe

Surely, everyone knows keds. (these are special edition, thye made them with Burberry) The great thing about them is that they're is like a billion different styles of them. This is just one company too, there are more that sell good ones too. They're simple and nice, and it makes a great shoe, with confort in mind.

Do: Gladiator Sandal

The ironic thing with this latest fashion trend is that a style similar to these shoes were worn thousands of years before us, (like in Jesus time) and its only becoming popular now. I find that these shoes are very cool, different and trendy. They have many styles of theses shoes, from tough looking ones, to feminine ones.


Don't : Cakeup

Cakeup: noun. origin, Frances.

The word cakeup comes for the words "Cakey Looking Makeup" This occured one day to one of my dear friends. Anyways, cakeup is a look which consists of everything looking chunky, and enough that if you scrapped a spoon against it, it would peel. This look is unapealing, trust me, whatever you're covering up, looks worse.

Do : Natural/Or not that much

Well, Im sure it speaks for itself. The way I see it, the more makeup you wear is because you're covering up the ugly. The more natural, the more pretty. (unless of course lots of makeup is your style, and its cool and nice) Hey, and if you can pull of wearing lots of makeup, but making it look natural (like using earth tones) you're in the cool zone with moi.

Don't : Overly Intoxicating Perfume

Have you ever had to shove yourself in the nearest locker becaue you caught of someone's perfume that was so bad and stinky that you could taste it. The girls who take the recommended sprays of their perfume and like quadruple (I don't know how to spell it) it, and it ends up just smelling vomatatious. The perfume to your left is one of Paris Hilton, I hate her, so I used he perfume. It doesn't matter if you have the nicest smelling perfume, if you overlaod it to cover the smell of stupid cigarettes or some other stink, it makes it so much worse.

Do: Lovely Smelling Perfume

Although I can't say I am an expert on perfumes, because im allergic, but I do know what smells good and what doesn't. One thing I know smells good, and have heard nothing but good from is The Body Shops perfumes. They have a wide variety of scents, and they have thought of a creative way to mix scents together to still smell lovely. As long as this perfume is used appropriatly, and in moderation, I give it two lovely smelling thumbs up. There are also other perfumes that are good too, I just chose this because its affordable and good.

Do: Nice Hairstyle

I think a nice hairstlyle can vary among people. We all have different styles so we want one that suits us. The basics for a nice do I think is the following: stlylish yet unique, not burned out, doesn't look like an animal, suits your style and taste, and much more. The hairstyle to you left is one of Nicole Richie, I rather like this do, and am considering of having somethinglike it done to myself.