Musaak Videos Of The Week- FEIST BABY

These are two videos from talented artist by the name of Feist. I had the wonderful chance of getting to meet her this summer, I even got a picture with her. Anyways. she's kinda a low profile singer. But if you haven't checked her out I definitely recommend to listen to her. Here are some songs:

Mushaboom: A fun video and she was known for her eyeliner necklaces after it. (Isn't she gorgeous)

One Evening: The video is so low budget but yet she's still so cool. I mean nobody could dance like this, and still be cool and sexy.


It's Tasteful

I believe that being nude is beautiful, as long as it's done tastefully. (not in a porno, kinda way) Not only that the people in this picture are extremely beautiful with clothes, they have a great body to just pose nude. I think that they're beautiful, they're art.

Louise Brooks

Natalie Portman
Madonna (intended to be sexual, but it's still cool)

Marilyn Monroe (intended for playboy, but she's still so beautiful)

Dita Von Teese & Scarlett Johansson in a recent Flaunt issue

Demi Moore with a painted suit on her naked body Keira Knighley, Scarlett Johansson & Tom Ford


Shoe Orgasm (Pt.2)

On a blog I contribute to, Shoe Haven. I did a post on some shoes that give me what you say a 'shoe orgasm' (You should really check out the blog, it's updated daily) Anyways for the second part of the post, I will show you the other shoes that are fantabulous.

These Bruno Frisono Patent Platform sandals are so pretty I can barely handle it. I know you may disagree when it comes to platforms, but it's barely one. It still has a 4" thin heel. I really love the design to it, it feels so powerful. I don't know how to explain it, but in general these are great.

Good Job Valentino. I really like the whole aspect of the shoe, the color, the bow, and the fact that it's Valentino. In the end they're simply pretty, and it's depressing that winter is here. Because I can't wear sandals, which I love.


Musaak Videos Of The Week

I will make this a weekly post, where I just post some videos I like. I saw these Fat Boy Slim ones ages ago, but they're still some of my favorites.

Weapon Of Choice - Fat Boy Slim
Christopher Walken is flying and dancing around in this video, need I say more?

Praise You-Fat Boy Slim
This was a group of dancers who went in a public cinema and just gave'r. They were joking, but the surrounding people didn't know what the hell was going on. It's funny watching what the audiences facial expression is like.


Preggo Post

Most of you female readers (not all) will become pregnant or already have. I can't wait, I think it will be so much fun being able to shop for all new clothes and eating all the time. But if you've ever taken a look at maternity wear at the mall or wherever, it rare you'll find something that's actually really nice. They always have florals, hearts and stars., big pockets, and flaps. But sometimes you can have good luck, you just have to now what to look for.

Avoid:Unflattering, Shapeless Dresses, Odd prints. Even if you're pregnant, you should still look hot.
Go For: A really nice soft colour, it makes everything gentle and the pregnant changes ,soft. The empire waist also gives you more space for the bump. No matter what trimester.
Avoid: These pants, are unflattering in every way. They will make you look like you've got a huge bottom, the length is so wrong, and it basically won't fit your body right.

Go For: These shorts will fit you right, without being tight or uncomfortable. Soft, light pants are key when you're pregnant, and these Bermuda shorts are stylish and is flattering on your toosh and legs

Avoid: This bright and polo is wrong in general. It's too big, and either your belly is going to pop out underneath, or the wind will blow the shirt up.

Go for: The t-shirt in the picture I think is great. The colours, the cut, and length. The shirt is great on your body, I think if you're pregnant and empire waist can be your best friend. All's I know, that shirt looks hot.

*click on pictures for their links


I Can't Help It

Yes, I love Justin Timberlake. I have a things for stylish men, and I must say with his new release or futuresex/lovesounds he's been quite fabulous. He's even had the opportunity to help design a collection for William Rast. Anyways, this is just a quick post. I just needed to vent about JT. I swear my next post won't be about a stylish stud muffin. It will be about maternity wear (exciting isn't it?) anyways come check the blog Friday or Saturday for the post..
he is definitely bringing sexy back


You can stop holding your breath now... I'm back.

Although my hiatus didn't last as long I expected, I am glad to be back doing my bloggette. My holidays were wonderful, and are now coming to a screeching halt with school on it's way. Back to the blog, I am still frustrated that blogger hasn't given me the choice yet to switch to beta, but I will remain calm. And that I still can't figure out how to put a picture in the header. (please email if you do know how, and if you do please explain in English, not in computer lingo) Good things have happened though, I put a new cluster map for the year, I got a creative commons license (copyright), and set up an email. (scroll down to bottom of page) I'll also be discussing more things than just 'clothes, shoes,etc..' type of fashion, I wanna talk about music. I love music just as much as fashion, and hey music is a form of fashion.

Anyways, here's the where the post starts. I watched the movie
Casino over the holidays. Its a violent hustler packed story, that I love very much. If you don't mind violent movies, and the word 'fuck' used 422 in three hours, then you should definitely check it out. If you have seen it , you know the Robert De Niro has some fabulous suits, and style in this movie. I swear, it makes me love him. He really knew how to spend his illegal earned money, like anyone should, on clothes. Here are a few fantabulous pics I found (my favorite is the one with the sund glasses)

p.s: I set up the email for any questions, concerns, tips, etc... So feel free to email me. No spam please.