Musaak Minute/ Videos Of The Week

A good little ol' Canadian band by the name of Sam Roberts, is quite a good one. I've always enjoyed them, and I think you will too. Here are some videos and some info on them.

Brother Down-We were born in a flame

The Gate - Chemical City (the video couldn't be posted)

A quick Discography. In 2003 Sam Roberts released a fantastic album by the name of " We Were Born in a Flame"Filled with many hits like; Hard Road, Where Have all the Good People Gone?, No Sleep, and Brother Down.
In 2006 Sam Roberts released his much anticipated album, Chemical City. In their sophomore album I believed that they grew lyrically and musically. Although I believe that 'Born In a Flame' produced more hits, this album is a classic album, like truly great. My favorites are; Bridge to Nowhere, The Resistance, The Gate, and A Stone Would Cry.


The Young and the Restless

I don't about you guys, but I'm getting fed up with the cold from winter. For all of you guys where it's sunny and hot, I'm jealous.
Although spring hasn't arrived, the designer have let our their Fall RTW collections. Even before spring hasn't even arrived (fashion is the hardest thing to keep up with)I haven't done a post on it yet, so these are just two designers that I really felt had fabulous collections.

Marc Jacobs.(My favorite designer) I believe he did such a good job at putting some life and colour into fall. He used great, vibrant colours. The collection was very grown up, and a sign of maturity in Marc Jacobs who has been designing for years now. Although it may not be a collection you guys would wear because most of you are young and it may not suit your taste. But this one is great for young adults and adults. Though this is not one of my personnel collections have is, I think the change and growth in the clothes makes it fabulous. Basically I love the accesories; the gloves, hats, shoes, etc...You guys should watch the video of this show, it's amazing too. Especially the set.

I know you think Betsey Johnson is just that old women who won't grow up and makes shirts that say Boys love BJ. And on February 6th, 2007 the collection was great, eclectic and diverse. It began with fun flirty outfits, then some conservative yet provacative outfits, or the formal dresses made with youth that Betsey puts into everything. My favorite part of the collection was the white tights. I'm going to get some for myself (so to all my friends, I call dibs)


It's Pathetic

I was searching my blog on Technorati, and found a post on blog. So I checked it out , and guess what... There's a post that's exactly like a post I wrote a few months ago. All she did was change the post, added a sentence at the beginning and removed some description of clothing that was at the bottom. This unoriginal blogger is Estelle from Shopaholics Inc. (http://shopaholics-incorporated.blogspot.com/) On November 11th, 2006, I published a post on Bridal Dresses (http://fashion-and-sarah.blogspot.com/2006/11/hear-bells.html) I really like the post, and got good feedback from it. Anyways on January 20th, 2007 (more than two months later) Estelle publishes a post (http://shopaholics-incorporated.blogspot.com/2007/01/i-do.html) This was published more than two months later. I am completely appalled at her actions, if she would have notified me and told me she was using it. I would have no problem. But no, she didn't. She plagiarised my post, and tried to sell it as an original. She's worse than a knock-off dealer. But before you guys misconstrue me as being immature for writing this post. I sent her an email, but it turns out it another blogs email (www.neeoqia.blogspot.com) So I check out her blog, and Estelle stole her layout and email. The lady one odd ball, she takes other people posts, layout and email. So in the end, my wise words to you guys is be original, and check out her blog in case she stole something from you.

-Sarah (an original)
*sorry my link shortcut wasn't working.


I've Been Tagged!

Although I was tagged quite a while ago by Frapp (linked in my sidebar, sorry my links t aren't working), I have finally gotten around to it. So here it goes, 5 things you don't know about me...

1. Me and my friends organize a charity fashion show at my high school. It was really successful last year, we raised a lot of money and got a lot of support. We were also featured in a local magazine and newspaper. I'll be sure to keep you posted this year, once we really start going. It's going to be on May 11th.

2. This summer I met Feist after I saw her in concert. I was so excited, and happy. And she was so pretty. Unfortunately I can't post the picture. I also got to meet Bedouin Soundclash, and we were invited to go to a bar with them after. It was quite fabulous, except for the fact that I'm underage.

3.I've never posted a picture of myself on this blog whatsoever. You can't see my face (I don't wanna reveal my identity, haha), but it's good enough. And it's kinda liberating. So here I am, Sarah:

4. I did a post in September, on how I like orange. And the Calvin Klein shirt shown, well to my surprise, and how ironic it was. I got for Christmas. It's so much prettier and softer when you see it face to face.

5. My fantastic friend Frances, shaved her head last Halloween for Cancer. It was great, she raised a few thousands. We got the whole school involved, she shaved it in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch. And girls would bid on some guys, and get to wax their legs. It was so much fun, and it's something I'll never forget.

Now I tag you guys: Wendy at "Pretty Little Pradas", Model Citizen at "Please Don't Feed the Models", Aloe at The Very Bottom Of The Barrel" Elizabeth at "Pearls and Purses" and Marissa at "Tights and Sights" (sorry that my links aren't working) So get to it guys, it's your turn.


Musaak Videos Of The Week-Emily Haines

Emily Haines. Many of you, may know her from the lead singer of Metric. But Emily Haines had a solo career before that, with her album 'Cut In half, Also Double .' And now 10 years later with her 2006 release album of "Knives Don't Have Your Back" She has a great, calming voice. And great songs, so I definitely recommend you to check her out. Here are a few songs from her:
Our Hell (live)
Doctor Blind


You Have So Much More To Offer

Lets face it, we are not all perfect skinny and tall supermodel like people. So some of us come in all shape sizes, short, heavy, skinny, tall, etc...
Plus Size: If you're a little overweight that's fine. You can still look stylish, and use tips to help you give a slimmer appearance.

When it comes to the top, the empire waist is your best friend. I draws less attention to the gut, and slims it down, while also lengthens the waist.
You never want anything too tight, I'll just draw attention to all the areas you don't want it to. Also aim for something where the waist isn't too low cut, or too high. Something right below the naval is just right. This will give you more length in your legs. Don't get a skinny legged pants. Go for a straight leg, or wide leg. This will make the leg appear slimmer. A darker colour will also make you look slimmer. All dark colours are key.

Like shirts, empire waist are really flattering. Wraps are also a good way to give you more of a delicate look. Flowing skirts, or pleats are also really nice and your thighs won't be noticeable.

Underwear is the first step to looking slimmer. Remember, inside than out. Trinny and Susanna made 'Magic Knickers' famous. They are great for anything, to hold in the gut and thighs, while still maintaining comfort. They're great for skirts, pants and dresses. As far as bras goes, and if your heavy chested look for support. You want a well fitted bra, will full cups and thick straps. This will make sure that you breast stay up, and a great bra can easily make you look 10 pounds lighter.