Walking On Stilts

trutting down a runway in 4 and half inch heels wouldn't be quite a risk for most people, other than models. So what? Walking in high heels is a task that some of us haven't completely been able to master yet. And that's where I come in, I'm gonna give some tips and pointers so you can be also be gracefully walking in those monstrous high heels of shoes you have. Because they're is nothing worst and unpoise than someone walking like a zombie in heels.

1.Crawling Before Walking: Take out those killer high heels of you and just practice standing straight in them. Then try some simple moves like walking side to side, back and forth. Once you've got that down you're ready to start walking.

2.When walking in heels step with your heel down first, then let the sole follow quickly and smoothly. Make your toes are also pointed straight and you are standing up straight, keep you legs somewhat closer than normal.

3.Remember, the most important thing is to be relaxed, this way you won't be so stiff and your knees can bend somewhat and you don't look like your stomping while walking.

4. Of course you should be conscious when first walking in heels, and so start off slow, with short walks, etc... then once your confidence has grown, you can bloom into a great strutter.

5. Mount Everest: Stairs can be just as challenging in heels, as climbing a mountain for some. Always try to be as closest to the railing as possible, this will ensure you have something to grab onto if your about to fall. When walking up stairs make your heel and sole touch the ground (a sturdy position) When going down, you should walk down with just your soles touching the stairs (if you don't you may walk down hardly, looks like stomping)

*** Important ***

1. You should try to avoid wearing heels while driving, you'll have less control over the pedals, and you may ruin your heels. Just have a pair of sneakers, or flats in your trunk just in case.

2. Baby Steps is key. Start off with a lower height in a heel. (i.e: a kitten heel, 2 inch heel) or instead of a pointy heel, go with something with a little more.

3. If you plan on going dancing, make sure you're able to in your shoes of choice. Practice in them and see how you do. Also make sure they are comfortable.

4. Don't walk in deep puddles, mud, soft ground , etc... Your heel may sink in the ground, or you may slip on wet or icy surfaces.

5. Avoid backless shoes at first. Go with something with all around support.

Musaak Videos Of The Week- Amy Winehouse Minute

I adore Amy Winehouse. I can't approve of her personal choices (i.e: the dramatic weight loss, drug habits, etc...) but the girl can sing. With the recent release of her album "Back to Black" has received many great reviews, and a few hits already. If you don't already have it, I recommend anyone to go out and buy or download the album filled with jazzy folkish songs with a strong voice and lyrics behind them. Here are two songs of of them that are constantly getting stuck in my head.

Back To Black



Happy Birthday Fabulous

Today of all fabulous days, you're fellow Internet blogger Sarah is now 16 on St-Patty's Day. The best part is that I can legally have my learner's license. My sweet sixteen so far has been fabulous and I have already received these fantabulous pairs of shoes that I have oozing over for a while now, and I get my driver's lessons which is fantastic. Anyways, this has been a great year of blogging, and you guys have been great. Hopefully I'll have a another great one. Happy St. Patricks Day !
(p.s: congratulations to Emmett, Jake, Jesse and David for winning battle of the bands last night a.k.a Earfood)


Must Be The Hormones

Orlando Bloom is looking d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s with his new do. God I am so glad he cut off thsoe greasy long locks, and went with a greek alpha male sex god look. Enjoy.
*courtesy of Perez Hilton


Shoe Orgasm Pt. 3

Ever since I saw these Derek Lam shoes in Harper's Bazaar, I've dreaming about them. Although I can't afford the $720 price tag attached to it, I love them. I must get a pair of shoes this summer similar to them. I know patent leather is getting a little to over popular but they're just too pretty to pass up. The blue pair is my favorite. (They come in red,blue, nude,black,grey and white)


Hem Up Baby

s you may know from viewing various spring/summer designer collections, it is not hard to see that the hem is quickly rising on everything. From dresses to shorts, skanky is the new stylish. But in a fabulous and tasteful way. I am pleased of this trend. I've always been one to like short skirts, and shorts. Not because I wear it to be sexy or for attention, I just always thought they were fun and cut. And when it's sweltering hot outside, their as good as it's going to get.
The cherry to this cake of a trend, is the shoes. The short mini dresses or short shorts look is great with a fabulous pair of pumps, heels or wedges. And for all of you who say wedges are out, you need to take a better look at things.

Not all of us feel comfortable showing skin and that's fine. Or you may simply not want to because you don't have the body. But don't feel like you can't wear it because of this, we're not all 86 pound models. Here are some ways you can change it up, or give the appearance of a slimmer look.

1. Shoes-The trend does go with the shoe. Which is basically anything with a heel (pump, wedge, etc...) Shoes with heels define the leg, which will give a slimmer look. So right there your leg looks thinner. You shouldn't feel obligated though to only wear a pump or whatever, a great flat or sandal would be great as well. (steve madden pump below)

2. Shorts- Most mini dresses are multi-functional. You can pair them up with some shorts underneath. Whether they are short shorts are bermuda shorts (which are still in fashion) you can still look fantabulous. Wear some pants if you prefer too, you just may sizzle in the summer sun. (juicy couture shorts below)

3. Tights/Leggings- Although leggings may be too hot, you can wear some colored/printed tights underneath your dress if you wanna show less skin.

4. Fuck It- Just go and strut your stuff the way it is. Maybe do some sports or some exercise to get a nice toned body for summer. It's never too late. (go to seventeen.com for some exercise tips and videos)