An Eclectic Post

Bubblegum Pearls
I've always been one to like big jewelry, not gawdy, just you know big beads, long necklaces. Something that I find myself more attracted to than Jesmett is bubblegum pearls. I mean plastic and wooden beads, I still love them, but been there and done that, haha. So I think my next impulse buy will probably be some bubblegum pearls.

Louis Vuitton Bubblegum pearls.

Fake Eyelashes
Something that I really like if done well is fake eyelashes. I mean I don't know if i'd be able to go to school or wherever with these on without looking like "Look at me, i'm so cool" My friend really likes them as well, and I think she'll do it, maybe not to school though. I'm not talking like big 3 inch lashes either , or green coloured, just some black ones that make my eyelashes look long and fabulous.

Novalashes Fake Eyelashes

Dita Von Teese
Aside from the nudity, I think that Dita Von Teese has really good style. From head to toe I find her really pretty. She never has a hair out of place, and her makeup is always impecable. And when she isn't naked she is dressed fabulous. She goes for that whole old hollywood glamour look, and I think she pulls it off.

Valentino Makeup
I really liked the valentino makeup in the spring collection. It was fresh faced and girly. I really like the bright goldish eyes, pink lips and light cheeks. I usually wear darkish browns on my eyes, but I may consider the eye look in the picture. I'm not one to wear lipstick or coloured lip gloss, just clear stuff usually, but I am going to add a little pink tommorow for school.


They're Bringing Sexyback..... yeah!
Marc Jacobs & Prada

Yes, yes, yes these designers are bringing sexy back. After an unfortunate winter collections, Prada and Marc Jacobs have come back with fabulous and memorable collections.

The Marc Jacobs winter collection was quite dissapointing to me personally, too much grunge, and not original. But, thank the lord Marc came to his senses and created a memorable collection. Some of the collection was really gentle with soft colours mostly (i.e:whites, beige, silver) but also contained some really strong pieces of darker colours for the evening. The collection gave the feeling that reflected on a smart, modern, surban, that was sexy.
Prada on the other kind of had a winter collection that seemed to lack inspiration and fantabulousness. Although you may think the whole turban thing in this collection is slightly odd, you're right, but I think with the silk added in the collection it makes it so cool. I loved the bright coulours Muccia used. Usuallly in spring designers like to stick with lighter and softer colours, but she pulled out the silk red, blue's, green's, oranges, etc... This collection was very sexy and had a stong women feel to it. Though it also had a 70's look to it, in some patterns and cuts.

all pics were from style.com


The Devil Wears Uggs

Yes winter is upon us unfortunately. I don't know where you live, but it's getting chilly here. I was out shopping yesterday, and had the shivers the whole time. Anyways, with this cold weather upon us, I have already noticed the unbearable things that have surrounded me; furry jackets/boots, and gosh darn ugg boots!!!! I know you may bash for hating uggs and saying you wear them, but only a true fashionista could comprehend my feelings toward them. (and I'm trying to say this in the non bitchiest way too)

I've already ranted about Uggs on my blog, and surely you can understand why. (it was in the summer when people wore them with skirts, gross eh?) Anyways these boots sell for like 200 bucks, and I'd rather wear poo on my feet (maybe not actually) They're so unflattering to anyone who wears them, and if people haven't noticed they've been out of style forever now.

Please excuse the fuzziness of this picture, it was almost impossible to find, and this was the best I could do. Anyways, these are a lovely pair of boots from a little local heaven called ALDO. So if you like ....ugg boots, this kind a boot would be a step in the right direction. I mean it has a similar shape the Uggs, and size/height. It is also pretty oppose to the fugly uggs.

Need I say more? I mean girls at my school actually wear jackets like this, at least 40% of them do, it's pathetic, and fugly. They need a good hand to the back of their head. "Whaddya Thinkin? Are you stupid? The jacket looks like as if they shave that ugly ass cat in the back and put it around their hood. Oh, and they have to have the elasticky waist, because god forbid we don't see every form of their body all the time.

I really like white too this season, it's so clean looking and chic. I like the bold buttons, the dramatic collar, and low waist belt make this peacoat look so much better. As well this Coffee Shop wool coat is only $98, a good price for a good quality wool coat. Now don't you agree that this is so much better than the baby phat jacket.


The Perfect Little Black Dresses

No matter what, everyone should have a little black dress. I need one, so I thought I would share my favorite little black dresses of the season.

I think lace gives the perfect balance of sexyness, yet chic. This may not be the perfect dress to wear to a funeral, but it would be great to a fancy diner or event. This is a ECI Bead Lace Dress.

I really like this
Betsey Johnson Dress ($295) What gives it such an allure of fantabulousness to me is the simplicity. It's very pretty, and gives an A-line shape to a body which I like.
This is a very, very sexy dress. This is a BCBG Max Azria Crinkle Charmeuse Dress ($300) It has a very deep V-Neck, and wonderful detail of embelished silk underneath. You may say 'bubble' is out, but I still love, as I love this silky bubble of a dress.
This is just such a cute dress. I love bows, not big huge spotted 5 year old belts, but you know nice ones. I would really like to wear this dress with white gloves, a big floppy white hat, big black sunglasses, and white shoes. Then it would be really perfect. This is a, Laundry by Shelli Segal Pleated Strapless Dress ($195)