With Christmas coming around and the marvelous holidays, I have decided to take a brief hiatus. So I won't be posting anything in the next few weeks. I'm kinda getting sick of having to squeeze time in for this blog with all my schoolwork and etc... Also the fact that I can't switch to beta, that my country counter isn't working, or that my html settings are always screwed up is getting on my last nerve. I just need to take a break from everything. I plan to just enjoy my holidays with no worries, eat a lot, party a lot, and sleep a lot. Anyways, Merry Christmas to all you fellow Bloggettes and Bloggers, and have a Happy New Year.
p.s: In case I get extremely bored, I may do a post. But to know when I'm coming back, I'll start posting comments on your guys' blogs. Oh, and thanks to all of you guys who do take the time and read my bloggette.
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I Wish

I've always envied some people for their jobs. I'm not talking about celebrities, because I could care less about being one. But these people my friend, are the true picture of fabulousness, and lucky son of a bitches. If being a doctor doesn't work out for me, these jobs sound pretty good

Fashion Editor At Vogue:

Anna Wintour, this lady is crazy lucky. I mean she the editor in chief at Vogue. This is going to be my favorite job on this list. She gets to go to like every fashion show, she gets to write for vogue, hold fashion shoots, and make a crazy amount of money. Don't you wish you you were her?

Marc Jacobs Fashion Assistant

I don't mean Marc Jacobs coffee and phone assistant. I mean a hands on helper. I would get to work with one of the most talented designers today (in my opinion) and get to attend his shows, get probably a whole bunch of his stuff for free, and go to A list parties with him (haha, that sounds so annoying.)

Editor & Publisher At Rolling Stones:

I'd say I like music as much as fashion, so I would love to work at rolling stones, and publisher (publisher and editor now is Jann S. Wenner, below) sounds fun. I would love to review music I like and talk about. And I could meet hundreds of bands, go to concerts all the time, and well just party like crazy. I mean haven't you seen almost famous, I wish I was the guy. (but not a guy)

Fashion File Host

I love watching Fashion File. It's so much fun, and I get a lot of my fashion knowledge from it. The field host of the show is Jeanne Beker. For an old' gal she still works it. She gets to go to to fashion shows all around the world and critique them. Not only that she always gets to wear designer clothes, and interview designers. So basically what I'm saying she has a fabulous job, that I could only dream about.

Now Tell Me These People Don't Make You Jealous


In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes
-Andy Warhol '68

The 60's for me are a revolutionary time in fashion, music and art. I'd like to say the 20's,40's or 50's, because they are fabulous era's. But I love the 60's, the whole era is interesting and appealing to me. Here are some of my favorite parts.


Edie Sedgwick
I think Edie is so cool, and fabulous. She was an icon in the movies, fashion and art. I mean she was Andy Warhol's muse. As far as fashion go, she was the lady with the black tights, high pumps and huge earrings. All styles that we still follow today.
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey is such a fabulous person. What pisses me off is that she is the face of the skinny at the Gap , and I don't think it gives her justice. She made great movies, and had great style.
In a time where being curvy was beautiful, she made her skinny, awkward body beautiful. She also made having a little black dress a must, and black a timeless colour. Twiggy
She always described herself as an ugly scrawny girl when she was younger. Thanks to a revolutionary haircut, and some mod eyelashes, her trademark photos became a legend. She was the face of mod, and has transformed fashion since.
Jackie O'
I once heard that she would spend more on clothes in a year, than her husband (Kennedy) made. But maybe her clothes was given from designers, etc...
She was the lady of elegance, style and beauty for all ages. She made chanel suits, box hats and big sunglasses. I am personally thankful for the big sunglasses, fantabulous.
Jimi Hendrix-Legendary Guitarist
The Doors-Great Music &Writing

The Beatles-Timeless Music
Janis Joplin-Power to the Women
Andy Warhol
I am a big fan of Andy Warhol, this dude fascinates me. His art and life. He was huge, it was usual to see him on page 6 every day in the newspaper then. Whether it for his drug scandals,outspokennesss (that's not a word) or art. Some may say it's unoriginal and creativeless, but that's what gives it that fabulousness.

Ball Chair
The original ball chair was imported from Finland, and was called the Earo Aarnio Ball Chair. It was a classic, and started a revolution in all modern furniture. I have personally been wanting to get one for so long, on day. Except the original chairs are $4860
Lava Lamps
These things are just cool, forever. They're pretty cheap, andI'vee been planning on getting one, but have never gotten around to it. Anyways, the 60's without lava lamps, are like the 60's without hippies.

Vespa The vespa scooter was originally designed for an alternative and easier way of transportation. The british youth became filled with these , and was a sign of the mods, inspired by music and fashion.


Because You Don't Settle With Satisfaction, Only Fabulousness

My dear friend Marissa inspired me for this post. We have a 'semi-formal' coming up at school, it'll probably be lame, but hey, it's fun dressing up. Anyways, she has this really nice dress from Le Chateau ( a little black dress) that she wore a while back. But she wants to spice it up, and is probably going give it new flare by adding a high waited belt. I think this is a great idea, and I'll give you a few more.

On the topic, you could add a belt. Not only will it give your simple black dress an extra flare, I'll give you more of an 'body flare' by giving the illusion of a slimer waist. You can also use a scarf, preferably with lots of colours. It'll give great contrast with the black.

Around the straps if your dress you can tie a bow around it, or a strap of sequins, or just a silk strap it you like. It won't change your dress completely but your looking for that little much more. Instead of doing something to the dress, you can do something around it. Accessories can do wonders do an outfit, take something simple to something fabulous. Although forget the usual silver or white you pair with it normally. Try something vibrant that will give it such 'je ne sais quoi' like greens, blues, purples, pinks, etc...

If you're looking to change you dress drastically you can also hem it so there's a slit if you want, you can remove the straps if possible, or make more form fitting by tightening in around the side. If can't do this, just get seamstress, won't cost that much depending on what you get.

Now see you don't need to shell out another +50 dollars to get another dress. Use that simple black dress in the back of your closet that you wore a year or two ago, and make it more to your liking. Haven't you seen 'Pretty In Pink', that's talent.

This Is Starting To Look Really Good

Yes, unfortunately our school has a high chance of getting uniforms in the near feature. As sad as getting uniforms, they're going to be sooo bad. It's not like school girl, school boy uniforms. They're going to be disgusting golf shirts that are green red and frumpy pants. They think this is a better idea because 'us teens' would think it's cooler. NO IT'S NOT. At least regular, classic uniforms can give us some pride and would make the school seem somewhat classy. All I know is that I'd take a skirt and tie over a extra large red and green golf shirt and black frumpy pants, any day