Best Dressed Celebrities
This list isn't in any particular order, but I believe that these celebs deserve some credit for their fashion sense (or at least their stylists)

Sienna Miller
I think Sienna is vital to this list. She has worn stuff so different and risky, but it always turns out to be the next fashion trend. With her boho style, she always gives us a great outfit. Despite how young she is , I believe that she will be the fashion icon of the decade and will give us more and more trends throughout the years

Nicole Richie
For someone who would parade in barely nothing, and had absolutly horrendous hair not that long ago, she has come a long way. She deserves to be on my list for her fantastic transformation (except for the one done to her body ***skinnyness) I love how she looks so classy and chic on the red carpet, and she has that boho-chic style when she's out and about in the public eye.
(is that better jesse?)
Johnny Depp
(Mariel, this one is for you)Ah yes, Johnny Depp. I think this is a man who could wear a patoto sack and still look great. I love the way he has such a different unique style, he has that " je ne sais quoi" about him. With his fedora hats, shirts with always a few buttons undone, long chains (that aren't tacky) and cool glasses he looks, how do I put this.... sexy, I suppose. Also I find that although he's stylin, I don't get that metro-sexual vibe off of him, which is different than other stylin guys.

Sarah Jessica Parker

I love this women, she made it okay and unselfish to buy rediculously expensive shoes. I can't remember where I read this but I thought it was good, " Sarah Jessica Parker has great style. If you want proof, watch an episode of 'Sex and the City' she looks better to breakfast than most women I know any time of the day." I love her fashion sense, she always has the latest designer clothes and shoes, and looks awesome, and tasteful for her age too.

Scarlett Johansson

I don't know whether its her clothes that look great, or its that because she so damn gorgeous, it makes the clothes look good. In any case, she does have great fashion sense. Because she has the whole classic beauty thing going on, her clothes tend to have that affect as well. There're always so classic looking, like her dresses and shoes, hair,etc... What I love about her too, is that with a body like that, where it would be easy to make herself look slutty, she always pull it off , looking tasteful, and yet sexy.

Adam Brody

You gotta love this guy, or at least Seth Cohen. He seems to have such an effortless style, not in the way that he looks bad, it's he doesn't try too hard. I love his graphic t-shirts, I like his whole converse thing going on, the skinny pants, the 'Chrismukah' (I think that's how you spell it?) sweaters that he looks so cute in on The O.C, his hats and aviator's when out in the public, and so much more. Like everyone always says, he's the nerd we all love. (that sounds annoying though)

Misha Barton

Hey, another o.c star. I love this girl, she has the whole package, she looks great and she's stylin. No matter what this girl wears she looks great. Hey, if you want proof watch an episode of "The O.C" well at least an old one, before she died. She tends to always make best dressed lists of red carpet events or best dressed of the year, or whatever.


Retail Therapy
The Leofa
Not that long ago me and my friends stumbled across a fantastic pair of shoes. We all immediately rushed to them, and they came in many colours (red, blue, green, white, black, etc...)s and little differences in some. This may shock you because it's such a fabulous shoe, it's from ALDO and it's $99 (until it goes on sale, hehe) I personally prefer the blue ones because they would suit me better, but a pair of red ones and skinny jeans would look so good. I can't wait until I can get my hands on a pair.
The White Trenchcoat
Yet again, another day I think, my friends and I came across an awesome sexy looking jacket at Aritzia. It was simply a classic white trenchcoat, but it was so awesome. Some of my friends tried them on, and it they looked so cool, it was like a 'Sex and the City' moment (I love those) The jacket was $198, somewhat pricy, but, the great thing about a trenchcoat is that they never go out of style, think about it, they've been around for years and people still wear them.
Three things that will survive a nuclear bomb/war: cockroaches, Twinkies, and fabulous trenchcoats.