Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Back Again Another Day.....

If you haven't noticed it's been raining quite often around here, and unfortunately the song doesn't help the rain go away. So I thought I would take my time and make a post for those rainy days, and how you can look stylin.

Rain Coats are so awesome because they're so fun, and shiny. Although I'll show you coats we (teens) can't really afford, it's fun to look at, and can inspire you next time you want to get a raincoat.

This is a Marc Jacobs raing coat. I love it because it's so shiny and it's trenchcoat like which I love. I think though if I had the jacket I wouldn't want to get it wet because it's so nice. From the marc jacobs collection ready to wear spring 2006 (

Oooouu. I love love love this chloe coat. At least on a rainy glummy dark looking day, you can look like the sun all bright and happy. Whatever you do though don't wear a yellow hat and yellow boots, you'll look like paddington bear. (if you don't know who he is, he's a cartoon character) From the chloe spring 2006 ready to wear collection (

This coat is a miu miu coat. I love the simplicity and delicate look to this coat. It looks great as well with those sunglasses, but you don't really need sunglasses when it's raining, which is why it's odd that they paired it up with that. But whatever the coat still looks fantabulous. From the miu miu ready to wear spring 2006 collection. (www.miumiu.com)


My Most Recent Fashion Obsession

Lately I find myself being attracted to a certain ensemble I would like to have. I really want a great pair of skinny jeans and hot red heels. I desperately need to have these two items, so I can wear them together
, and when so happens daaammmnn, i'll look fine, haha.
In the shown picture she's wearing red sandals I want red heels, but this was the best picture i could find

Special Mention: Marielio's blog

My dear friend Mariel has an interesting blog about movies and and just plain old stuff she likes to write about(music,fashion,annoying people, etc...) Since none of my other friends update their blogs except for her, I thought she deserves some love. It's a great site and if you want to check it out go to: www.chicksandflicks.blogspot.com
Ready to Wear Collection Fall/Winter '06/'07

I guess I should start talking about 'fall wear' since like every designer has had their fall show. A collection that I've recently come upon is the one and only Valentino, it was most certainly a fabulous show with like three parts, the one of the chic-sexy-sophisticated style all in black & white mostly or dark colours) , one of bright colours, (inspired by bright paintings) and one of formal and cocktail dresses (black, whites, and dark greens mostly.) I really liked the show and the variety in it, the black&white shophisticated look was really sexy and made me want to be a bisness women so I could wear the outfits. The colour filled ones were very fun and something you'd like to wear for fun at school or something. The dresses as well were fantastically made with a variety of materials and cuts,lengths, etc..., so it could appeal to almost everyone's style.
If you would like to view the show, or the outfits go to the www.valentino.com.


Garbage or Great?

Once again the fashion world has come back to grunge, the cycle continues. More, and more recently I am comming to see a grunge look in many designers fall collections. In the past I have said that I would never like a certain fashion style, then I come to like it or hate it more, either one. At the moment I am a little iffy with the whole grunge thing. I mean heavy layers of clothing, huge wool sweaters, very boring colours, it's unappealing to the figure, you know, and it just looks dirty or cheap. So when designers are selling these clothing items for hundreds of dollars, you might as well rummage through a bin of wool sweaters and and large brown pants at value village , and call yourself fashionista.

Nonetheless I may be retracting this comment in some time (which I doubt I will, but I can never be that sure.) Please leave a comment about your thoughts on this subject.

Pictures below are from BCBG max azria Fall 2006 collection. This collection did have some nice pieces, and some like the ones below. Although some of his outfits were like a grunge-chic, which was interesting.


WANTED: People who still wear UGG Boots
I don't know what it's going to take to get people to stop wearing these boots. The other day I was out and about, and someone was still wearing these disgusting boots with a short skirt on a hot summer day. I don't know if people know this, but boots like that haven't been in style for like over a year. I mean I can deal with people wearing them in the winter, because they are only so many things you can hate at time. (i.e: furry boots, furry jackets, etc...) But sheesh, it's summer, the time for sandals and open toe shoes, not ugg boots. So for all you people out there still wearing them, please stop for your own reputation, and fashion sense


Designer of the Moment:
Stella is a great designer, and I applaud her for being able to break out her father's shadow and money, and be succesful on her own. She had an outstanding collection this year, and great spring/summer looks. The looks were almost as if the shorter, the better. Her outfits had short hemlines which were sexy, but didn't look trashy at all. The collection included the cutest dresses and short-shorts with great accesories as well (i.e: sunglasses, hand bags, shoes, jewelry etc...) I loved how she intermingled the look of a stylish and sexy bisness women, but also with really fun dresses and casual outfits.

I think Marc Jabobs is a fabulous designer and has proven it over his many years of designs. Although, this year I was very impressed with his Spring/Summer 2006 collection. ( I know it's spring/summer, and designers are already having their fall collection, but its summer, so I'm showing summer looks.) He had great dresses with volume and sparkles, classy yet stylin cocktail dresses to flowy formal gowns, awesome shiny and classic long jackets, he paired very cute chic skirts and shirts, and had the most fantabulous shoes as usual. If you would like to see just how 'fantabulous' his collection actually is, go to www.marcjacobs.com, and view the show there.

Special Mention: Rachel Zoe

I can't honestly have a celebrity best dressed list without this gal, she's a stylist for half the women in hollywood today. It seems now that all "it-girls" are mutating into one stylish person (hey if they look good, I don't have a problem) To name a few, her clones/clients are some of the following : Nicole Tichie, Lindsay Lohan, Misha Barton, Jessica Simpson, Selma Hayek, Brittany Murphy, Kate Hudson, have all been sporting her sexy 70's, boho-chic, look style. She's 33 and still young, and if you ask me she deserves a good pat on the back. Although she makes me a little mad how she dresses everyone the same, if she's a stylist she should be using her creativity to be giving looks that match the persons personality, look, lifestyle, etc...