Special Mention : THE DAILY SHAVE (www.thedailyshave.blogspot.com)

The daily shave is a blog where this dude named Brian Studer shaves, and rants about topics in the news, entertainment, every day life, etc... I came across a few weeks ago and just thought the whole idea of his blog was so clever and fabulous. I'm not kidding, you actually see him shave in a mirror. Anyways in episode #35 he mentioned a shout out of my blog (yah!) so I thought I should just as well return the favor. Check it out, i'm sure you'll get a giggle out of it.


Red Carpet Fashionistas
The 2006 Emmy's

"Next to the Grammy's, the Oscar's, and People's Choice Awards, the Emmy's is the most important night in television." -Conan O'Brian. Maybe the Emmy's do suck, but most of the people who attended it this year looked fabulous. Here are a few stylin' people:

Evangeline Lily & Katherine Heigl

Eva Longoria & Melora Hardin

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Heidi Klum (she's hot for a preggo)


Do You Care About Brands?

I was browsing the internet and came across these peep toe pumps by Michael Kors for aprox. $200. And then I remembered that my friend liked these wedges they had at payless, similar to these.

See, these blue suede, peep toe wedges look similar to the Michael Kors one, and for a fraction of the price. Amazing, right? If you ask me, these ones are nicer. (Knotty Stacked Wedge $30 can. approx)

Red Carpet Fashionistas
The 2006 Teen Choice Awards

I know the teen choice awards was like a week ago, but I though I could write about the red carpet. It was a lame show, with even a lamer performance by K-Fag, but some people did have fabulous dresses.
Jamie Pressly & Kristen Bell
Carmen Electra & Misha Barton (hey I like it)
Rhyanna & Jenna Dewan (the dress not her)


Zac Posen

I must say, for a successful designer such as him, and for him to be so young he is really good. He's had great year, with fabulous spring, summer and fall collection. The fall collection, which I found quite nice for fall 2006 was Zac Posen. It was a simple, classic collection. Where you could actually wear the clothing to occasions, and not look like "Look how different I am, I am making a statement" It wasn't that big either, and it mostly was a collectiong a similar colours; black, white and silver. I thought the show was refreshing to watch and I like lots of pieces. These ones in particular:

Don't ya love the black peep toe shoe. Everyone needs a good pair of black shoes. They go with everything.


Anyone Up For A Pillow Fight???

The perfect start to an outfit is what your wearing underneath, to make the outside look great. It's been a whole summer where you've probably been living in your bathing suit and haven't really worn your bra that often. School is approaching, so you may want to see if it still fits. Here's a few bras that like, and I hope you do to.

"Ric Rac" Choice by Calvin Klein. This contour bra is great because it's confortable, the wire is wide and not much padding, because that's annoying for some. I own this one, and it's my favorite. Approx. $48 cdn

La Senza So Free light lift bra. For those ladies who like confort, yet need a little boost, this is perfect for you. Approx $34.50 cdn

The well known Victoria Secret IPEX is a seamless bra that's very popular for being confortable and still being able to give you ta ta's that little boost it needs. $29.50 american

This DKNY classic curves bra is great for those ladies with a bigger chest. It has great support and confort. Approx. $45 cdn


Can I have that Supersized?
I rather use a big and lovely tote bag or messanger bag for school this year, instead of a common school bag or something. Though instead of looking at ones I could get, and afford, I rather show you ridiculously expensive designer ones, hehe.

Emilio Pucci Festa-Print Tote North/South bag
I love pucci, the colours and patterns are always so... perfect really. I love, love this bag, too bad it's $415, a little out my reach, haha.

Mulberry Elgin Tote
I love this bag, because the simplicity is so nice. I love the colour and I would love to have a bag like it. $995

Tory by TRB Messenger Bag
This is the coolest bag, i'm sure if I went to school with this, I would rest assure that no one else would have bag as me. I love the fish, and the patterns on the bag, the silver sequiny stuff. The only thing that strikes me as odd, is that it's $330, it seems like something you could get for much cheaper.

HUGE Camilla Staerk Tote
I take the last comment bag, THIS IS THE COOLEST BAG. You may say it's ridiculous, but I love, love, love this bag. I mean you could carry anything you wanted, and needed in here, all your books, lunch, even your little brother if you wanted to. I'm not sure on the price if it, but i'm on the hunt.


You Don't Have To Be Punk

I am a lady of one who if i wore a black pair of chuck taylors would just make me look weird because it's not my style. It suits more the person who's style is more punk oriented. But converse has a wonderfal fall 2006 collection. Whether you want a tough punk look kinda shoe, or a girly one with flowers and etc... converse is for you. I like a lot of their stuff, but particularly the tweed ones in green. ($56.99US not sure what it would be canadien) For more fab converse shoes go to
When Zombies Attack

I know this post is more gossip related than fashion, but it involves fashion icons. Rachel Zoe a well known stylist in hollywood is starting to look creepy, zomby-ish if you may. As well as her client Nicole Richie, a latest surprise fashionista in hollywood. When did they start looking so old and frail, and manly. It seems the food deprivation has gotten to their faces. (I got the pictures and idea for post, at my guilty pleasure of a site
www.perezhilton.com) How is anyone going to be able to look at their fabulous handbag or designer dress when their faces look like this. I think they should start eating more, and Rachel should use some anti-aging cream, and try to put together outfits for celebs that aren't always boho-chic. Nicole has zombie hands too, look.


Welcome to the Jungle
Something that I very rare find stylish is animal prints. There have only been a few times in my life where I have saw something of an animal print and enjoyed it, whether it's a zebra print, tiger, leopard, crocodile skin, etc... Now lets take a look at some faux pas and some that I of all people like.

The crap that gives me shivers:

Surprise, surprise. It's a shirt from the "L.A.M.B" collection (on sale at
http://www.l-a-m-b.com/ for $192.50) This rediculous excuse for a shirt is disgusting, and the crocodile prints are disgusting.

Tsk, tsk Marc Jacobs (www.marcjacobs.com from the marc jacobs collection $1,750) one word, fugly.

Uurrggh, cowboy boots. I admit, I use to have a thing for these kind of shoes, but then came to my senses and disliked them.These are a pair of ALDO shoes (
www.aldoshoes.com) available for $99.95. I just hate how they used the croc skin then added a mess of design into it, it just looks like crap. (sorry about the blurryness of the picture.)

Stuff that I like and can tolerate:

This is a Eva Franco Shirt ($125) Now i'm just borderline liking this shirt. I like how the shirt is paired with jeans, and it was look really good as well with some like red shoes and maybe a red bracelet or necklace.

I know this pattern is similar pattern on top
(zebra) but this is like zebra/cow-ish kinda pattern. This is a great pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. I don't exactle know the price, but i'm guessing they're expensive. Anyways I like them, I wouldn't buy them, but I like them.

I actually kinda like this cheetah print dress. It's a Mandalay dress being sold for an expensive price of $665. But if you end wearing a dress similar to this, I suggest you to keep everything else simple, i.e: little jewelry or no jewelry, no colourful shoes, etc...


What Happened To Carrying A Cute Purse?

If you haven't noticed there has been an surprising amount of casual dresses with pockets. Now in a dress of any sort you should look elegant, classy, nice, etc... With a pocket it makes a gross buldge in the dress and it makes you look you know, not good. I mean if you're wearing an expensive dress and all your hair looks pretty and all that jazz, once you stick your hands in those pocket, all the credibility of how you look goes right out the window. It makes you look relaxed and chilled with your hands in your pockets, for god sake just stand up straight and look pretty

Why this dress, I would have loved it. This Laila Azhar dress itself is fantastic, but the pockets ruin it. For approx $390 the pockets should be removed.

A great white and simple american apparel tube dress, once again ruined by those gastly pockets that should be shoved with $!*#,

Dear Marc Jacobs:
This is a loverly red polka-dotted dress and great shoes that makes me drool. BUT, when you decided to sell this
dress for approx. $820 didn't it occur to you that pockets are the dumbest idea since furry boots???