Musaak Videos Of The Week - Feist Baby

God Feist is so cool, and I love her, and its so fantastic that Feist is finally coming out with a new album. Her highly anticipated album called "The Reminder" is being released May 1st. It has been a dreadful three years since her album "Let it Die" was released, and a year since her remix album "Open Season."
Her two fantastic singles which I find myself dancing in the hallways at school when I'm alone, is 'My Moon, my Man' and '1 2 3 4'. Enjoy.

1 2 3 4

My Moon, My Man


Bolder, Brighter, Beautiful

I know you've missed me and I'm sorry for the lack of posting, a mix of being too busy with school & the fashion show, and slight laziness, is the cause. But now that I'm in the library at school, I'm suppose to be working on my project, but I've decided to squeeze in some time to post.
Anyways onto fashion, I'm really into bold, bright prints right now. They're quite fabulous and fun, and you always stand out in a crowd. Hopefully you like these pieces that I've simply been oozing over, and you can ooze over them too.

Tommy Bahama One Piece French Connection Dress
Nicole Miller Mixed Print Dress Couleur de Rose Babydoll Tunic
Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim Print Dress