New Trends
Sometimes I'll be passing by in a mall, or by a store, etc.. and see something fabulous that catches my eye. I'll then stop and know that they will become big and trendy in the near future. Whether its a trend from many years ago, or something unique and different.
As you may already know studs have been on clothing for years, as a punk or a skater stly kinda thing. I am know seeing more softer looking ones (in gold, round ones, hearts ones,etc..) Im seeing them on purses, shoes, clothing and accesories. For something that was intended to make you look tough, its now can look elegant and feminine.
Flesh Tones
'Go nude, without being naked."
- Fashion File
I find that these type of colour on clothing is really nice. Its very nice for the summer, it looks feminine and simple. Whether your outfit is casual and good for a day out, or its a elegant dress, it works. (haha that sounded like duracell commercial)
The Sixties
I understand why everyone says the sixties have been back for a while now with the big sunglasses and this hippie trend, etc... But what Im seeying lately is like true fashion sixties. We're seeying the conservative look, mixed in with the little dresses that show just enough off, but not too much, the black and white look/ the mod look, the classic floral print, the floppy hats, the shoes. I personally am coming to adore this, especially the dresses.
Mini Dresses
I love these! They have that 40/50's flare to them. They're so classic and nice. Yes they're short and you see some leg, but its looks classy enough to be tasteful. What I love about these is that you can wear these summer dresses out and about, whether its a visit to the mall, to school, or to dinner, it works.
Cut-Out Bathing Suits
I know that you probably have seen these bathing suits for a while, but now they have even more of them (i.e: styles, cuts, etc..). The sad thing is that I still don't see enough people wearing them, considering how great they look. They have so many styles, that you can use to cover up areas of yourself if you're not comfortable with wearing a two piece, and they're always unique compare to other peoples stereotypical bikinis, or one piece. See, I like them so much, I put TWO pictures to show you the variety.
More and more recently, I have been seeing the braided pattern look, on straps of shirts or dresses, shoes, purses, skirts, etc... I really like the look, and gives whatever you are wearing that extra flare of excitement, oppose to a boring plain, flat strap pattern on whatever you're wearing.