Since When Did This Become Acceptable?

It's so bad, it's funny. I mean common, I can't express my hate towards these shirts. (ahem... ae graphic tees) I mean who comes up what's written on this shirt, cheap romance novel writers on pot? They're not even worthy of me writing more. They're not worthy of this post, or blog.

For more fugly tees go to ae.com


Did You Know: 99% Of Louis Vuitton Products Sold Are Knock-Off???

Most designers have a classic print or design that defines them. And most of the time they're quite simply fugly, and are wayyyy to overused.

Louis Vuitton
is well known designer, throughout the world. At school, a mall, wherever, I am guaranteed to see at least 8 Louis Vuitton knock-off bags. I swear that pattern is the most god awful, over printed thing ever. Not only is it overly knock-offed, it seems like a pre-requisite that every celebrity must show whatever Louis Vuitton product off ***koff, koff, Mariah Carey. I honestly think that Louis Vuitton should stop making it. Hint :A way to tell how a Louis Vuitton is real : Check the "LV" they're hand painted. (Louis Vuitton luggage)
Burberry, quite a nice clothing & accessory line if you ask me. You guys are going to disagree with me on this one, but I am really starting to dislike the print. As a matter of fact, I use to love and think it was awesome. I even included it in my first post. But when fifty percent of the handbags and shoes from Burberry have this pattern, it tends to look unoriginal, and boring. Quite tragic, because this purse is just fabulous. Maybe we'll get lucky, and knock offs of the print will slow down, then I may like it again.

I have never enjoyed Gucci that must. They're spring 2007 collection was quite impressive, but finding Gucci nice for me, is a feeling that occurs rarely. I never understood the trademark pattern. It simply looks odd, and off to me. I can't quite explain mytself, but I'm sure you understand, since you're so fantabulous, like me. (Gucci shoe)

It's not necessarily a defining pattern, but it's certainly a defining look. Anyone who's anyone, has surely seen or know what a quilted purse is. Chanel is known for them, the quilted purse, and the chain with ribbon in it. I myself use to be a fan of this style, until I find that it got annoying and every girl needed to have one. Probably around the time Marissa on "The O.C" started wearing them every episode. I mean they're usually nice bags and stuff, but it's just really annoying to me at this point. (Chanel Bag)


Hello My Name Is, Fabulous

I while ago I did a post on bras, so I thought I should at least finish the other half and do on panties (fun word) because I am so fabulous . If something that tends to bug us females is underwear lines. Well maybe not, everyone, but I'm sure a good portion. Some girls find wearing thongs a simple pain in the ass (literally), and have difficulty finding underwear they need, without the huge line in the back.

A great pair of underwear are a pair of laser cut Brazilian by Lasenza. Lasenza describes them as being " The smoothest, most invisible panty ever! .." I quite enjoy these, I've seen them and there soft and look extremely comfortable. Available in many colours, I think black is the sexiest.

I love Calvin Klein. It's fantastic. I find that Calvin Klein is really good quality. These pair of underwear are very thin and delicate. It's a perfect fit bikini, and comfort is guaranteed. Great thing, you have comfort, and no panty line. I am so glad I was able to find a picture of underwear that shows the behind, it was difficult.

Of course I couldn't do an underwear post without including the one and only Victoria Secrets. These Microsmooth low-rise bikini underwear look just fabulous. I guaranty you that these panties will not give you an underwear line due to the fact that they don't have seems and they are a part of the 'no show panties line.

This is a pair of Wacoal Lace Tanga underwear. Lace underwear can work very well to prevent underwear lines, because most of the time it's delicate, and thin. Just make sure it's not full of ruffles and etc...


Vaseline. It can be used for :burns, irritations, scrapes, chafing, sunburns and diaper rashes. According to the label. Another very good use is for makeup. I love vaseline (petroleum jelly, some may say) I always carry it in my school bag. My favorite use is for lipgloss. Because it doesn't have a scent, your hair doesn't stick to it, and it's great for chaped lips. I don't do this that often, but some of my friends do; they put it on their eyes. It gives it a nice glossy look, yet natural and healthy. Ouuu, and did you know it doesn't clog pores?
Other non makeup usages is that you can put it on your chops to keep you smiling. Unless you enjoy the taste. As well if you have lice, put it on your head and wear a bathing cap. And I suppose if you want to make yourself look all greased up, you could use this too, but I don't see how this would do you any good.
So anyways, next time you go to the store get some vaseline or petroleum jelly, won't cost more than a dollar.


Hear The Bells....

First, and foremost I want to appologize for the lack of postage. My blogger was being ass, and wouldn't let me post for a while. Also, thanks to Parsons Prodigies. The special mention was greatly appreciated, and you should check out her blog.

Since the young days when we were little girls we all dreamt about our wedding and our perfect wedding dress. When I flip through those bridal magazines, 99% of the dresses are so fugly, they make me laugh. So I thought I would share my ideas on what an ideal dress should look like.

For those of you who appreciate the simple things in life, this dress is perfect. There's no big bows, it doesn't have a circumference of six feet, but yet reaches the goal of being simple and beautiful.

This is a
Mary L Couture Shirred Bodice Dress. I like the trio of twisted charmeuse loops that become into the open back and a soft train.

This is a dress that is more detailed and much more 'ouu la la.' I have a feeling that my friends aren't going to really like this because of the pick-up skirt, but I really like dresses like this (when done right) When I get married in many years from now, I would like my dress to be strapless. I think this dress is the perfect balance of elegant without being over the top, because it is quite detailed, but the train is 10 feet long, it's actually not that long.

This is an
Oleg Cassini bridal dress, $1 000.

I really, really like this dress. It's girly and gorgeous. I can see more of a younger bride wearing this, and like summer wedding. I know it doesn't seem like a wedding dress, but if you added the veil, the gloves, the bouquet, and the rest of the diddle da dle, it will look as wedding-ish as it should be.

This is a Vera Wang dress.

As far as accesories go, I really dislike tiaras and a big gawdy jewelry. I really like diamonds though and pearls, then again who doesn't. But only in moderation, not too much. I really like white, silk gloves, probably because we don't ever get to wear them, and our wedding is a good excuse. Though I hate fingerless gloves or lace gloves (too madonna) As far as shoes goes, they just need to be white or silver and well, fabulous.
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